The best resorts of the South Caucasus for family holidays

The journey through the South Caucasus is full of bright impressions.

Your journey will pass through the ancient countries of the Caucasus – Georgia and Armenia. You are welcome to visit historical sights and the most beautiful corners of the Caucasus. If you are planning family holidays, we would like to offer you the best resorts of the South Caucasus.


Tsakhkadzor is considered the most popular destination in Armenia, especially in the winter season. The natural attractions of the area are ideal for skiing, thаt is why Tsaghkadzor has turned into one of the most visited ski resorts in the South Caucasus.

Modern ropeway and slopes with levels of difficulties attract not only lovers of active sports, but also professional skiers and snowboarders. The highest point for skating is 2819 meters.

Tsaghkadzor is a modern tourist center in Armenia. The resort center is equipped with all the amenities for both a luxurious holiday in a five-star hotel and an affordable guest house for a budget tourist. To get a room in hotel or guest house in high season it is advisable to book in advance.

In the summer, Tsakhkadzor is a beautiful place where you can hide from the unbearable heat of the Ararat valley and Yerevan.


Dilijan is a pearl of Armenia and a paradise, hidden in dense forests and high mountains. Nature is truly generous to Dilijan; the resort has the cleanest mountain air, coniferous forests and mild climate. All these natural qualities are ideal for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Dilijan is ideal for a quiet family holiday. The “Old Dilijan” district represents the whole life and architecture of medieval Armenia. In addition to the beautiful city and nature it is worth to visit Dilijan for historical attractions. Two important monasteries of Armenia – Goshavank (XII century), and Hakhartsin (X century) are located not far from Dilijan. To admire the beauty of Armenia’s nature it is worth to visit lake Parz not far from Dilijan. It is also considered a popular attraction of the region. The itinarary from Lake Parz to Goshavank monastery is an ideal choice for hiking and trekking in Armenia.


The resort town of Jermuk is known for its miraculous water and pristine nature. The most popular sanatoria of both Armenia and CIS are located in Jermuk town.

The resort town is located in Syunik region, in the most picturesque region in Armenia. The purest mountain air and mineral springs turned the city into an ideal sanatorium place. Every year guests from neighboring countries and Europe come here for health improvement and reinforcement.

The mineral water of Jermuk is chemically identical to the Karlovy Vary mineral water in the Czech Republic. The only distinctive quality of mineral waters in both resorts is the relatively low prices in the Jermuk resort. The resort city offers not only high-class hotels with a wellness program, but also very affordable resorts for guests with a minimum budget.


Dip in the warm waters of the Black Sea coast, and enjoy the hot sun in Adjara, in the resort region of Georgia. The resort towns of Adjara are Ureki, Kobuleti, Batumi, Sarpi stretching along the Black Sea coast. The most popular destination is the capital of Batumi that has transformed into a beautiful modern city.

Adjara attracts not only with clean beaches and warm sea, but also with lower prices even in high season. This factor attracts visitors from neighboring countries.


You have certainly heard about the mineral water of Borjomi. It’s not just the name of a soda, it’s a visiting card of Georgia, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Borjomi is hidden in the high mountains and coniferous forests, but once you discovered Borjomi you will love it forever. Throughout the world Borjomi is known for its unique healing mineral water. In addition, a warm and mild climate has a beneficial effect on health.

Of course, the main attraction of Borjomi is mineral water and indescribable beauty of nature. However, to attract tourists of different interest in the area, ecotourism was also actively developed.

Once you have enjoyed the beauty of Borjomi and tried its magical water you can visit the historical sights of the region – the monastery of St. George, the fortress of Sali and the fortress of Petra.


The ski resort of Bakuriani is especially popular among fans of active sports and extreme tourism. The resort is located on the slope of the Trialeti Range, at an altitude of 1700 m. Slopes are divided into two routes with different levels of difficulty. The ski lift leads to the tops. Slopes are quite difficult and they are suitable for professional skiers and snowboarders, but there are several tracks on the slope for beginners.

In Bakuriani, you can arrange a luxurious vacation in one of the best five-star hotels, or spend time in one of the small guest houses at affordable prices.

After rafting on the slopes it is worth visiting attractions near Bakuriani – Lake Tabatskuri, the monastery of Timotesubani (X century), the mineral resorts of Tsagveri and Mitarbi. The itinarary from Kareli town to Bakurian is an ideal choice for trekking in Georgia.