Grannies rock, grannies bike with a little help from Bikebandit

Life for older people is better than ever. The days of dawdling the day away, pottering in the garden or, as a highlight, lounge in a deck chair on a cruise are over. Adventure and activity are in.

A significant fact which documents this change in attitude towards  life during ‘the golden years’ is the increase in riding motor cycles. The call of the open road is answered by more and more over 50s who are passing their test and, best of all, the number of women riders of that age group has doubled compared to men.


Baby boomers have become baby vromers and I’m one of them. There is nothing which quite matches the feeling of the wind whizzing past you whilst you are in control of your powerful machine, riding through the countryside and to picturesque destinations which otherwise would be difficult to reach. I equally enjoy riding  pillion or, most glamorous of all, sitting in a sidecar like a Hollywood start of old.

Having raved about the joys of motorcycle riding, it’s important to get priorities right. Safety first and that means the right bike as well as the best protective gear. In the image I may not be wearing a helmet and boots, but I was just posing. Otherwise, never ever go without, even just around the corner.

Luckily, there is the company BikeBandit (don’t you just love the name?) which can provide you with the essentials. Motorcycle helmets need to be super protective but also comfortable and not restrict your sight. A great choice of motorcycle boots , safe but also chic can be found on the same site.

Lastly, if your machine happens to be a Kawasaki, you want to know where to find the best parts for possible repairs. Look at Kawasaki parts.

All these things taken care of, you are ready to enjoy the great outdoors, feeling young and free again. I live in the southeast of Spain and one of my favorite destinations is Guadalest.


But my dream, as yet unfulfilled, is the go to Daytona and ride in the parades along the beach.

Be safe, be happy, enjoy the second part of your life on the open road and rock. You’ll be the envy of many younger peope as well as an inspiration.