After the holidays – detox at Lake Garda/Italy

Soon the holidays will be over and we’ll all have to pay the price. Too much food and drink, too little exercise, the past- festivities hangover will kick in. Not to worry though, help is at hand.What about booking yourself into this fabulous spa, getting fit and detoxed and enjoying a great part of Italy at the same time?


Rebalance your body after the festive season at the eco spa Lefay Resort & SPA overlooking Lake Garda with a programme to purify the body of toxins. In just three days the treatments will improve the free flow of vital energy and eliminate such symptoms as fatigue, irritability and swelling.



The holistic purifying programme uses the stimulation of the Classical Chinese energy points to eliminate toxins, caused by factors such as poor eating habits, alcohol and cigarettes.

Treatments include a detoxifying massage, aimed at removing accumulated toxins working on the meridians and specific points of Classical Chinese Medicine that promote lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins.

Guests will be given personalised phytotherapy, using specific medicinal plants that work mainly on the kidney and liver to create a bespoke Classical Chinese medicinal herbal infusion that guests drink during and after their stay.

Other treatments include a wrap with micro-eclatée algae and detoxifying essential oils, a massage with mud rich in oils, clays, sulphates and marillonite, which performs an osmotic detoxifying and antioxidant effect and a session in the salt water lake – the high temperature allows the body to absorb the trace elements and minerals from the marine salt dissolved in the water, which has a draining, detoxifying and relaxing effect.

The purifying programme is accompanied by a slightly low-calorie and detoxifying diet.   The price per person is £880 (Euros 1,035) based on two sharing and includes accommodation, all treatments and meals but not flights. The nearest airport is Verona.

Images provided by the resort.

Hosting a pre-Christmas Fashion Flash

I’m pleased to be the host of a very special Fashion Flash edition this week.


The lovely ladies of our hugely popular Fashion Flash group have a lot of advice to give you to make this the best festive season ever.

Read on, enjoy, be happy, healthy and smart.

Barbara Grufferman of BestOf Everything after 50:

I’ve been doing a lot of one- and two-night trips for business this past year, and I’m not always sure what I should pack to look cool, confident, and chic.
Blurb: Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP contributor, never used to think packing for trips–especially business travel–was easy, until she got advice from a pro.
Deb of NoNonsenseBeautyBlog:
Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog offers great tricks and tips  to getting the best results from Retin A– without the problems
Marcia Friedman of BeautyInfoZone:

Evine and Fashion Flash have teamed up to share the delights available at Evine. They are even offering great giveaways like this Beekman 1802 Gift Box bundle featured on Beauty Info Zone. Entering is easy and the prize wonderful.


Allison Cohen of NeversaydieBeauty:

As the holidays approach, Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has suggestions for beauty-oriented stocking stuffers for under $25!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Cindy Ingalls of PrimeBeautyBlog:

Prime Beauty found 10 fabulous beauty stocking stuffers for under $25.


Erika Costello of Notesfrommydressing table:
Erika of Notes from My Dressing Table continues her holiday gift guides with beautiful and affordable gift sets from Lather that are perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or little indulgences to treat yourself.
Mirabai Holland of Movingfreewithmirabai

Holiday Workouts are the best way to get or stay in shape, stave off weight gain with New Year’s resolutions just around the corner says Mirabai Holland from


Melanie of Societywellness:
Aloe can be used for healing the body inside and out. Using aloe topically for soothing burns is common, but the capabilities of aloe go beyond external use

Society Wellness shares some remarkable healing properties of aloe for internal and external use. Learn more, and keep in mind that an aloe plant makes a lovely holiday gift!

Tania Stephens of Fiftyisnotold:

Red and Black is a classic color combination. Tania styles this classic combo and adds a little fun with a Christmas scarf. Be sure to check out her youthful and affordable style.
Jackie Silver of jackiesilverstyle:
You love cooking in your own kitchen, where you can monitor ingredients,
but how can you choose a healthy diet if you’re on the road or visiting
this holiday season? Jackie Silver Style has your travelers’ guide to
healthy eating.

Pearls and Scarves, a Female Traveler’s best Friends

Coco Chanel got it right: pearls flatter women of any age and give a touch of elegance and sophistication to the simplest outfit.


Mademoiselle was partial to scarves too, for much the same  reasons.

We baby boomers love to look good when we travel, but luggage restrictions in our times of modern air travel dictate that we have to limit ourselves, unless we are prepared to pay more for our bags than the entire ticket costs. And there is also a safety factor to be considered.

It’s not smart to travel covered in gold and diamonds. That’s where the pearls come in by which I mean the fake ones. I’m not a friend of fake anything and wouldn’t dream of wearing rip off designer bags, shoes or clothes. It’s just so tacky. The one exception are pearls.

Rule no.1 is to wear plenty of them, so nobody would ever think your seven strands of pearls could possibly be the real thing. Going back to Coco: she was the first to advocate fake pearls and didn’t hesitate to live what she was preaching. Hardly a picture of her where she is not wrapped in strings of faux pearls.

You don’t even have to carry your shimmering treasure. Just wear it all the time, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and if you happen to lose one: no harm done, they can easily and cheaply be replaced.

My second best travel friend are scarves. I tend to limit my wardrobe to just two colors: black and cream which by themselves match beautifully to create different outfits. Add a colorful scarf and you look glamorous. Needless to say that you can carry a lot because they wear next to nothing and it’s great fun to buy new ones as a souvenir from your destinations.

Wear them around your head, your neck (covers wrinkles too) or your waist as a belt.

There are several more practical advantages to scarves. Bad hair day, let’s say in the middle of a desert, no hairdresser or hairdryer within miles? No problem, artfully tie a scarf around your head and you are looking great plus protected from the sun.

A scarf at hand is essential when visiting a mosque or some Catholic  churches as a woman. Those that are often distributed at the entrance for common use I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Lastly, the terrible draft caused by air con on airplanes. A scarf around my neck and in some cases covering my face enhances comfort considerably.

On top of all this, pearls and scarves are the in fashion accessories for the coming season. The catwalks in Paris and Milan were full of them.

Are you ready for your next trip? Happy packing and remember: scarves  and pearls!




Glamorous and comfy – ANATOMIE travel clothes

We chic  baby boomers love to travel in style and comfort. A great deal of our pleasure in our trips around the world is derived from the clothes we wear. It’s not always easy to find garments which fit the bill. Don’t you just have it when the waistband of your pants pinches, the buttons come off after just one use or the zips jam? So, what we are looking for are clothes of good quality, adapted to the need of travel and, on top of it, glamorous.

I was very pleased when I was approached by Miami based designer ANATOMIE and sent a set of their clothes to test. Here are the results:

Let’s start with my favorite, a long sleeved jacket which is called Mollie. The material is so soft, you could sleep in it. It’s zipped in front and as it is very slightly stretchy, adapts perfectly to your body shape. And the glamour factor: the lace insets on front, back and the sleeves. In my opinion: a winner.

My favorite jacket from the front

My favorite jacket from the front

..and from the back

..and from the back

Next came several pants. Again, the material is fabulous, they are fine, soft, don’t wrinkle  and the fit is perfect. What I need in travel pants are pockets and these have them at waist height and also on the legs. Ideal to tuck in your flight ticket so it’s easily at hand but leaves your hands free for other things.

Short sleeved top and pants

Short sleeved top and pants

I also got to try several tops, some with long sleeves and some with short. All of them adorned with lace, something I absolutely love and which makes every garment just so special.

The colors I got, were black and dark blue, also ideal for travel because it easily combines with other colors so you can have different outfits without the need to drag tons of luggage around, something inappropriate in our times of luggage restrictions or huge extra charges by many airlines.

I can honestly recommend ANATOMIE’s selection of travel clothes. Visit their website for the latest collection and also to see additional services they provide for the discerning traveler.

Their very appropriate log is: the world is your runway!


Disclaimer: I got the clothes I tested for free, but my opinion and test results are unbiased.


Fashion Show in Torrevieja

It’s summer, Torrevieja, my current hometown on Spain’s Costa Blance,  is brimming with tourists and they need entertaining. A fashion show is always a hit, especially when the runway is partly on the sidewalk, so everybody can have a good look. When I heard about the show arranged by the company Top Queens and their little store in Calle Fotografo Darblade, I went to have a look.


As fashion shows go, this was a very low key affair, but entertaining  none the less. Red carpets were rolled on the pavement in front of the shop, plastic flutes were arranged on a rather rickey t table,  several bottles of Freixenet were stuck in ice buckets.

Starting time was 7pm, but of course, this being Spain, people were just milling around, models got dressed and made up in the shop whilst mingling with shoppers, a disc jockey did his best to get some music going and everybody was just talking with everybody else and having a good time.




Top Queens is a chain of franchises operating in Spain, Portugal and now also expanding to Italy. Average price of all items is €25 and I took a good look at what you can get at such a low price.

Result: quite  a lot of chic things. Dresses and tops are not really outstanding, but what caught my eyes were the accessories. Fabulous sandals and shoes, great handbags and stunning costume jewelry are on offer. You can pretty up your wardrobe for something like €100 and look good and nobody would be any the wiser.



At around 9pm, the thing started in earnest, models coming out of the shop and posing for the spectators who hugely enjoyed a little bit of entertaining in Torrevieja.