Hello, let’s work together

My name is Inka Piegsa-Quischotte. I am a travel writer and photographer and the owner/editor of glamourgrannytravels.com.

flatThe lovely, pink scarf you see me wearing here is the subject of an advertising campaign I am currently involved in. The secert is an incorporated inflatable neck pillow, extremely useful for long haul flight or long bus or train travel.

This is just one example of how we can work together.

The aim of my blog

My blog is directed at female boomers who share my passion for travel. I tell them about destinations I have visited, encourage them to take the plunge if they have never ventured out before, talk about great hotels and spas and of course, of travel fashion and equipment which makes travel so much nicer and easier for women of ‘a certain age’.

What I can offer

Here is a list of possibilities for partnership and/or cooperation.

Product reviews

The scarf is an example. You send me the products, I review them and promote with my large following on the social media.

Sponsored Posts

I accept guest posts from travel companies, cruise ship operators, etc. length about 500 words and 2 links to their websites.

Rates to be agreed individually.

Hotel and restaurant reviews

Invite me to stay or dine, and I’ll write an ample review incl. a link to booking.com in case you are registered with them. I’ll provide photos and a detailed description incl google map so people know how to get there.

Banner ads and side bar adds

Again, rates are to be agreed on an individual basis, the ad stays live for 12 months.

Magazine articles

I love to write travel articles for print and online travel magazines. I have written for BBC/Travel, GoNomad, GoWorldtravel and am currently a contributor to Skylife, the inflight magazine of Turkish Airlines.

You can find a complete list of my published articles on www.glamourgrannytravels.com/portfolio/.

I am  working with booking.com, the Polish office of tourism, the Turkish office of tourism, white and blue greece, tripmee and weather2travel.

Some stats:

My blog is no.6 in flipkeys list of Top20 Boomer Travel Blogs to follow in 2015.

No.5 on Inspiring travel blogs for seniors.

Google rank: 3

Klout score: 57

Monthly page views approx. 30.000

FB likes: over 350

Twitter followers: over 2000

50% of visitors from USA, 30& UK and the balance from rest of the world.

Affiliates and Associates

We work with booking.com and triphobo.

We have developed close connections to the Tourist Boards of Poland, Turkey, Morocco and Rhineland-Palantine which allow us to obtain up to date information on new attractions and destinations in these countries.

Hotels and restaurants, although they may have sponsored out stay (which will always be clearly stated), are reviewed unbiased and we give our own, honest opinon. We are not afraid  to say something was bad if it is justified, only because we didn’t have to pay out of our own pocket.

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