Basler Fasnacht – carnival in Switzerland


Basler Fasnacht is number 3 of  the world’s carnivals I visit. I find carnival celebrations irresistible because they give such a deep insight into the belief and culture of other peoples. Every day life is fine, but what shows their true natures is the way how they let down their hair.

Last year it was the carnival in Venice, before that Gran Canaria  and this year I went to Basel in Switzerland. It could not have been more different. First of all, the Fasnacht starts later than any other carnival which has to do with religion. The three days of quite ‘serious’ festivities started today and nothing much else dominates the city.

At 4am this morning carnival started with the Morgestraich. At 4am on the dot, the city is plunged into darkness. Out of the dark you only hear the sound of pipes and drums and then a huge procession, the courtege, emerges. Masked figures, illuminated by torches, wind their way through the densely packed streets, five deep lined with silent and awed spectators, who have often arrived at midnight to secure their place.

Eerie and fascinating like nothing I have ever seen. Afterwards, you warm up in one of the many ‘baizes’, Cafes or  restaurants and devour a specialty: Mehlsuppe, ‘flour soup’ which is a thick dskr brown soup into which cheese is melted. I think it has about 1000 calories per spoonful, but who is counting.

Unlike in other carnivals, people are spectators, not participants unless they belong to one of the many cliques. Groups of them or single men or women walk the streets all day long, beating drums or blowing a pipe. No other instruments are heard.

In the afternoon, parades wind their way along the streets and in the evening the various cliques have their reunions where satirical speeches are given, making fun or criticizing  politicians and other celebrities. For an outsider it’s difficult to follow because they are given in Schwyzerdütsch, the local language.

Enjoy a few pictures to give an impression of a very different carnival.

To enjoy Basler Fasnacht to the hilt, you want to stay in a great hotel which also gives you easy access to the parades and the Morgestraich. Nothing better than the elegant and historic Trois Rois. 5 star luxury with terraces overlooking the Rhine and the bridges.

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  1. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    Great pics Inca it makes you feel your part of it. The masks and costumes are great. The pics are getting better and I think the woman behind the camera is becoming a good camera woman might get a second income from them keep up the good work

  2. ruth kozak
    ruth kozak says:

    I just posted my old story about Apokries, the carnival in Greece. Again, quite different from the others. I’ve been to Mardis Gras in New Orleans too. Have you? Now that was a real lot of fun!


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