Off Of to rest your soul at Lake Uzun/Turkey

No, this isn’t a typo in the title. It’s a pun I simply couldn’t resist. Because, you see, the coastal town at Turkey’s Black Sea where the road turns off inland towards the magical Lake Uzun is called…Of.

Leaving the beach resorts behind, the road winds slowly through the foothills. This is tea country! The area around Of and Rize is where most of Turkey’s  tea is grown. Like soft, green pillows, the tea plants cover every available surface. Naturally, there was a tea factory along the way and we stopped to sample the product of the new harvest in a beautiful, rose covered gazebo. I promise you, once you have tasted this tea, you will never touch a tea bag again in your life.

Starting the journey in front of a distinctive Black Sea house

Recently harvested tea

Drinking it in this lovely gazebo

It isn’t all that often that I enthuse about a landscape, particularly not if it involves mountains. I love the sea, the desert and anything that’s flat and wide open. Steep mountains and cliffs make me claustrophobic.  Having said that, it seems that most of my recent trpis took me to mountains, and not only to them but also up and down them.  I take my travel pleasure where I find it and if I want to see a monastery glued to a sheer cliff, I have no alternative but to climb up and take a close look.

So, yes, again, I was on my way up into the mountains to visit Lake Uzun, another celebrated tourist attraction of Turkey’s Black Sea. The lake isn’t all that big, you can walk around it in about half an hour at a very leisurely pace. It is a natural dam which was formed by a massive landslide which cut off the river bed.

The famous landmark mosque


When I finally got there though, I had one of these rare travel revelations which will last a life time. Never have I seen something so peaceful and soothing on the soul as this lake and the surrounding mountains. Green, green and more green wherever you looked. The mountains are quite steep, but they are entirely covered with trees and undergrowth so thick you couldn’t possibly squeeze through. The last time I saw a major forest was in Germany and I was dismayed to notice that just about every other tree was sick. Here however, the entire place exudes health and strength, good vibes which have an immediate effect on  your well being.

After circumventing the lake, watching the little boats you can paddle around in and being unable to tear my eyes away from the water and the trees, I just sat on a bench for well over an hour and meditated. No noise to speak of, a few cars which were hardly noticeable  but definitely no through traffic. Visitors idling along, taking a break in one of the many cafes or restaurants and everybody had a smile on their face.


You can cycle around too.

In surroundings like these, things are falling into perspective. What seemed so important only a few hours ago, suddenly becomes a very minor affair. No better place to rest your soul and refresh your spirit than Lake Uzun. Don’t miss it if you visit Turkey’s Black Sea coast.

Total relaxation

My trip started in Trabzon where I stayed at the delightful hotel Usta Park in the city center.

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  1. Jackie Smith
    Jackie Smith says:

    Your weather was definitely better than when we visited two years ago. The Black Sea was angry at the time I guess and the rain came down. . .so much so that we skipped touring the tea area which I see from your post was definitely a ‘miss’. Your lake reminds me of Washington State’s Lake Chelan which can bring your heart to a stop when you arrive at its headlands in Stehekin. Another great post, Inka.
    Jackie Smith recently posted..TPThursday: Do you ‘Capture the Colours’ or Clichés?

    • inka
      inka says:

      I agree. The Balck Sea ius very pretty when the sun shines but when the weather is fierce…not so much. Glad to know about another lake which makes ‘your heart stop’. Maybe one day I’ll have a chance to see it.

    • inka
      inka says:

      Julia, all I can say is: go!! Like you I have seen a lot of Turkey but this region is sooo pretty, different and inspriring. People are nice too, much more conservatice as elsewhere, nobody hassles you and they are extremeyl polite. As to saving up: you’ll be surprised. Not much tourism there, other than Turks taking their holidays which means everything is very reasonable. I’ll do a summary post next, you might want to stay tuned.

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