MS Koningsdam – my Kind of Cruise Ship

I haven’t been on a cruise of this new flag ship of the Holland America Line yet. But, I got invited by them to spend a few hours on board, see the ship, have lunch and, above all, admire the incredible works of art which are to be found throughout the ship.

Koningsdam Aerial View

With a capacity for 2650 passengers, the MS Koningsdam is, for my taste, just the right size. I have been on a cruise in the Caribbean on a much bigger liner and I felt lost and intimidated at the same time. Step on board of this beauty and it’s like coming into someone’s – albeit rather large – sitting room. This has a lot to do with the color of the carpet, walls and the soothing lighting, provided by lamps which are already the first works of art.

One of the salons

Christened on 20th May 2016 by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and under the command of captain Emiel de Vries, the MS Koningsdam was about to set sail for a cruise to Norway and the Baltic Sea.

Queen Maxima bleesing the bell

The theme of the liner throughout is elegance, tradition, music and visual art. The first thing you see is the reproduction of a tall ship, mounted on a cello. Much of the works of art feature a touch of humor like the photograph in the gallery section of a girl riding an ostrich.

Center piece is a massive stainless steel sculpture which reaches over three decks and weighs two tons. It’s supposed to evoke the feeling of a classical quartet with arches, bows and strings.

The central sculpture

Each of the two towers has a different theme: one of music  with portraits made from various materials of musicians and singers. The other tower features surreal  master pieces.

The Holland America Line has an art program which promotes young artists and their very best pieces are exhibited on this liner, making it unique, entertaining and , for lack of a better word, downright cozy.

Her twelve decks offer just about anything to make a journey delightful when not going on some of the many land excursions which are on offer during any cruise.

Climb up to the  highest accessible point and watch the waves in the Crow’s Nest on deck twelve. For relaxation and swimming go to the Lido deck and book one of the cabanas. Don’t forget to say hallo to the cute green bunny, another piece of art, integrated casually into the surroundings.

Bunny on the Lido Deck

Food is important and there are several restaurants to choose from. My favorite is the Tamarind, Asian food at its best and another little piece of art with a touch of humor at the entrance.

A pianist is tinkling away in one of the salons, so you will never forget the music theme. Nearly all the suites have a balcony, so you can sit with a cocktail in your hand and watch the famous Norwegian fjords approach before embarking on a land trip.

Use your feet instead of the elevators and climb from deck to deck because at every turn you will discover another piece of art which deserves closer scrutiny.

I can definitely see myself on one of the next Norway cruises to enjoy a liner which is one of a kind.





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