Travel Tips for Retirees Vacationing in Los Angeles

One of the best things about being retired is the freedom to travel and do the things you love. After working all your life and saving up for your golden years, now is the time to relish life. So, why not take that vacation that you’ve always dreamed of to Los Angeles? After all, LA makes a perfect destination to visit in the United States. There are lots of luxury homes in Los Angeles available to rent in different parts of the city. And you have a wide-variety of activities to keep you busy and active for the duration of your vacation. Here are a few travel tips to make your vacation as a retired tourist perfect.

Take Advantage of Senior Discounts:

Being a senior in Los Angeles has many advantages including being eligible for various discounts. Public transport is certainly less expensive for the over 62’s for both locals and tourists. Some hotels and restaurants will also give you a discount or reduced rates on food or a room. If you’re into golf and over 65, you can get significant discounts at the Los Angeles County golf courses. The retired have many privileges here and you should take advantage of them.

Join a Tour:

When you get older, it’s difficult to walk around for hours on end sightseeing. This is especially the case during the summer when the temperatures are in the mid to high 90s. The best way to see Los Angeles is to join an organized tour. Arrange a one-day excursion or book a private guide for the duration of your trip. Some people even hire a driver to take them around to the places they want to see. Tours are a great way to experience LA and the surrounding region in comfort.

Enjoy the Entertainment:

Los Angeles has entertainment ranging from the latest movie screening to comedy clubs on a nightly basis. There are also regular performances at the Los Angeles Philharmonic where seniors have access to discounted tickets. You can also find other live events such as flamenco dancing and concerts in Los Angeles. Finding the right entertainment is easy. Just do a quick Google search to find what’s happening or you can speak to your tour guide (if you have one).

Enjoy the Five-Star Treatment:

Five-star treatment comes in many shapes and forms from dining in the five-star restaurants to spending a few hours at the spa. Los Angeles isn’t short of providing anything less than perfection when it comes to service. Except some of the best in the United States and to be treated as if you’re royalty. Top restaurants offer gourmet food combined with live entertainment and a glass of high-quality wine to make your evening perfect.

And there’s something for everyone. The wife can get pampered at the spa whilst the husband plays a round of golf before enjoying live entertainment and a meal at Michelin-Star Restaurants.

Relish the Green Spaces and Natural Beauty:

There are lots of parks in Los Angeles where you can spend the afternoon going for a long walk or simply to relax. Griffith Park is full of several trails for hiking ranging in difficulty from a light stroll to much more strenuous ones. Spend your time at Runyon Canyon or Grand Park, which are both shady, full of flowers, and are nice places to be, especially during the early evening. The views are great and the environment is peaceful and serene. You may even spot the occasional movie star out for a jog or walking their dog.

Many of the beaches have large walkways that hug the coastline and are lined with cafes and restaurants to soak up the ambiance when you need a rest. Just imagine enjoying a nice glass of wine as the sun slowly dips behind the horizon over the Pacific Ocean.

National parks are also just a short distance from the city and you can reach them as part of an organized tour or with a private driver. The San Gabriel Mountains are also worth visiting. Both are excellent day trips and have spectacular natural beauty.

The Wine in Los Angeles:

Vineyards everywhere

People who know a little about wine will be aware of Napa Valley, the most iconic wine region in California. Some of the best wine in the United States comes from this region, a short drive and popular day trip from Los Angeles. Sample the different types and buy a few bottles to take back to enjoy later in your vacation. But, it’s not just Napa Valley that produces great wine.

Agua Dulce Vineyards, around 70 kilometers to the north of LA, has over 90 acres of vineyards. The wine has been produced here since the winery officially opened in 1999. This is a good place to visit that gets relatively few tourists. In fact, you’re probably going to be one of the only tourists here. Agua Dulce isn’t typically part of organized tours and you may need to hire a driver for the day. Taxis will also take you from downtown Los Angeles.

Things to Remember:

Los Angeles is a great destination for the retired. You have the flexibility to travel in style and get the five-star treatment wherever you go. Find yourself a tour to see more of the city, the national parks, and mountains. Enjoy the fine dining with world class wine straight from the winery. And don’t forget to take advantage of any discounts you may be eligible for.



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