Does extensive travel make you blase?

Do you know the feeling? You have arrived at a destination full of expectations. You have read glowing reviews, seen stunning images and now you are here, looking at the ‘wonders of nature’ and you think: so what? I have seen bigger and better. That’s when you have a case of travel blasé.

I have to admit, I have became guilty of that attitude on one occasion: Iceland. I expected sky high geysers, endless glaciers and breathtaking waterfalls.

Instead, the geysers I was standing next to were just hip high and all I got out of it was wet feet. Onwards I traveled to the much praised  Gullfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls. Sure, they are nice, but if you have seen Niagara, Victoria and Iguaçu waterfalls, they don’t make you go ‘Ohhh..’, at least not with a capital ‘o’.

And the glaciers. At least they lived up to expectation, Vatnajoekull is impressive. But still, if I think Switzerland…

So, the question is how to deal with travel blasé. There are only two solutions: either you stop traveling because you think nothing can top what you have already seen and live with your memories.

Or, you are ashamed of yourself for even thinking about that. You decide to leave expectation to one side and to approach each new destination exactly as a true traveler should: with open eyes and an open mind, ready to be surprised by what’s in store for you and to appreciate small things.

Have you ever seen a small stream splashing over some pebbles, with the sun reflected in the water and a dragon-fly dancing above? That’s certainly not an earth shattering view, it’s just plain beautiful.

Keep traveling and let yourself be fascinated by whatever small thing comes your way and don’t never, ever become blasé.


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