Hosting Fashion Flash with a bang!

This week it’s my turn to host Fashion Flash, our brilliant group of beauty, health, travel and fashion bloggers for those over 50.

It’s always a pleasure and today I introduce their brand new posts with a bang: here in Alicante/Spain , we are just a few days away from the most important festival of the year: San Juan.

It’s celebrated for nearly a week and opens with a fuselage of fire crackers and fireworks..the aforementioned bang!

Following are parades of ninots, giant figures made of inflammable materials of a burlesque and ironic nature.

A beautiful ninot

It all culminates in the huge bonfires of the night of San Juan where said ninots are burnt on bonfires  and a huge firework in the form of a palm tree is  launched from the Castle of Santa Barbara overlooking city and port.

Castle of Santa Barbara

Over to my Fashion Flash friends and their brand new posts for this week.

Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty:

Prime Beauty is a lifelong fan of Korean brand Erborian Skin Therapy. Now she sees why everyone is so verklempt over Korean skincare! A beauty resource for women 40 & over and in their Prime!


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog asks:


How  healthy are eggs?  Deb of No-Nonsene Beauty Blogs separates fact from fiction.

Marcia Friedman of Beauty Infozone:

How to apply false eyelashes in four easy steps – and an … Reviewing beauty products so you know! Home; Giveaways; Blogs We Love; In the news; About Us/Disclosure; Contact

Unsure how to apply false lashes? Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has a short tutorial along with some gorgeous lashes to show you the ropes.

Allison Cohen of NeversaydieBeauty:

Want to make a subtle change to your over 40 makeup look? <b>Never Say Die Beauty</b> has been using Avon True Color Super Extend Nourishing Mascara in Navy. This dark blue brightens eyes without looking fake!

Mirabai Holland of Moving Free with Mirabai

Aqua Exercise For Vintage Bodies! Water babies, that’s us. We’re at home in liquid from pre-birth and we seem to naturally gravitate to it. So try this Aqua Cardio and Strength Workout with Mirabai Holland from

Melanie of Society Wellness:

Society Wellness gives us summer ice cube recipes not for our drinks, but to use topically for our skin!

Herbal Ice Cubes – Society WellnessSociety Wellness

Think using herbal ice cubes only applies to beverages? Think again! Make herbal ice cubes for use as a beauty treatment and for soothing itchy skin.


Enjoy, try it out and don’t miss the amazing voucher campaigns.



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