5 Amazing disability-friendly destinations you have to visit

Travelling with a disability poses its challenges – but it doesn’t have to completely derail a holiday. Some countries are more forward-thinking than others when it comes to treating holidaymakers with specialist requirements. Here are five amazing disability-friendly destinations you should visit if you fall into that bracket.


  1. Los Cristianos

Tenerife might not be somewhere you’d naturally associate with disabled tourists, but an exception to the rule comes in the form of the holiday resort of Los Cristianos. The area is particularly accommodating to wheelchair users, thanks to a relatively flat gradient throughout the city.


As Trip Advisor will tell you, this has resulted in most of the venues in the vicinity offering attractions which primarily involve long strolls (or wheels) along flat expanses of land in beautiful natural scenery.


The resort itself is also something of a specialist when it comes to catering for disabled guests. This has become something of a theme for them since the 1950s, when a man from Sweden with MS helped to raise awareness of their exemplary care towards people with a medical condition.



  1. Cadbury World


Tours and walks are often just as good for disabled or wheelchair-bound tourists as able-bodied people – but an exception does often come when the need to traverse stairs or ride in a specialist vehicle comes into the equation.

Photo: Cadburyworld.co.uk

Thankfully for all chocoholics out there, Cadbury World in Birmingham (England) have taken that into account. They provide access to all levels of their complex via both stairs and specialist lifts, and have even custom-fitted their rail cars for disabled use on their main tours.


Let’s face it; everyone loves indulging in their guilty pleasure every so often. It must be a great feeling to know you’ll be able to stuff your face with as much chocolate as you’d like, regardless of your physical abilities. I know that thought makes me happy, at least.




  1. Vancouver


In a country as forward-thinking as Canada, it’s perhaps no surprise you’ll be able to find so many disability-friendly things to get involved with. With accessibility for all championed as one of the leading principles in Vancouver, there’s almost a sense of pride regarding the ease of access for disabled tourists.


Perhaps no more so is that apparent than in the case of the transport which is available for people with specialist requirements. Translink – the primary mode of transportation for disabled users – is cited as one of the best in the world by InsuranceWith, while other options like SkyTrain and SeaBus are also held in high regard.



  1. Disneyworld Florida


It’s perhaps no surprise an amusement park as family-friendly as one run by Disney would also go out of its way to ensure nobody is left out of the fun. That’s exactly what you’ll discover when you take a trip to Orlando with a disabled family member or friend.


With rides which are designed to accommodate all users, and an incredibly well-developed concept of what disabled guests may or may not need during their stay (just check their FAQs for guests with disabilities for proof of that), Disney have outdone themselves when it comes to making their park as disability-friendly as possible.



  1. Any Cruise


Cruise holidays are a perfect escape for disabled travellers – primarily because the man mode of transportation is almost always customised to deal with their needs. You’ll be able to get on and off the boat simply enough, and should be able to enjoy the majority of the sights to see throughout the course of the city or town you’re docked in.



If you’re a disabled traveller, we highly recommend you taking a trip to one of these locations for your next holiday. Disability-friendly holidays don’t come much better than this list of excellent excursions.









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