Interviewing the fish on Paradise Island/Bahamas

In case you wonder about the title; this post was – in part – inspired by Jade’s story about the animals they encountered on their RTW trip and how much they are natives and have stories to tell just like  their two legged countrymen. Bear with me, I’m coming to the fish.

With hind sight, I have to say that that somewhat unfortunate Caribbean cruise I went on did  bring me to several wonderful places I could, at least briefly, enjoy. I just left the floating monster as soon as it docked and closed my eyes to most which happened on board.

Last stop was Nassau in the Bahamas and as, again, there were only a few hours, I had already decided to make my way to Paradise Island and the Atlantic resort. I had visited a few years ago and I specifically wanted to return and look at the fabulous underwater tunnels and the aquarium.

Atlantis resort Paradise Island/Bahamas

At the time, I was a guest and therefore had free access to the huge tunnels, where you walk under the water with all the fish, sharks and stingray swimming all around you. When I arrived this time, I found out, that the entrance fee for that, the gardens  and the lagoon was a stiff $120 for day visitors and that was a bit too much.

However, no harm done because you could walk around the hotel and casino, admire the huge glass sculptures and stroll along the wall to ceiling windows of the aquarium. I had ample opportunity to visit my fish.

Glass sculpture in the hotel/casino

I walked close to the glass and all of a sudden, they rushed towards me. Maybe it’s the novelist in me who always thinks up a story, but it just occurred to me that the fish were more looking at me than I was looking at them. Which sparked the idea to interview them and ask. I was particularly taken with the ‘boss fish’ who struck me as a poser. Look at these pictures and don’t tell me that they don’t  look  ‘human’.

Meet the boss fish

Sharing a secret?

On their way to a fish convention

There were only a few visitors around and the bad angel on my shoulder nagged me to see how they would react if I actually started talking to the fish. I took out my cell phone, used it as a mike and greeted the fish. The reaction from the people, among them several kids, was surprising. At first they looked at me a bit strangely, but then they got it, laughed and joined in the fun.

A lively, albeit somewhat one sided,  conversation and interview between visitors and fish ensued. I spent an enormously entertaining few minutes and I’m sure the fish of Paradise Island will stick in the memory of those who were there. Best of all… it didn’t cost a penny.

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    • inka
      inka says:

      Oh yes, but then they all joined in and fired their own questions at the fish. It was the best entertainment in that whole resort.

  1. Laurel
    Laurel says:

    The tunnels sound amazing but $120 is ridiculous! I’m a scuba diver and I agree the fish have a story. My favorite are the small cleaner fish, who will actually go inside a larger fish’s mouth to clean it under some sort of “agreement” that the larger fish won’t eat it. I would love to get that interview!
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